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True Utility Buttonlight

A water-resistant ultralight and tiny, clip-on, USB rechargeable LED light that is worth having as a tent light. It is a True Utility Buttonlite. I read some reviews for it after I got home and the reviews slated its battery life.  So I conducted my own test.  First I made sure it was fully charged.  It only took a couple of minutes.  Then I put it on high power and left it running whilst noting the time elapsed.  The packaging states that on high power it gives 47 lumens, and runs for up to 80 minutes.  Well, my one did a bit better than that.  In fact, it didn’t run out of charge until 2 1/4 hours had elapsed (135 minutes!).  Now I am more than satisfied that the reviewers must have simply been charging it incorrectly as I was able to get a significantly longer run time than even the makers, True Utility, advertised.  It has a little carabiner clip built-in, so it can be easily clipped onto things and it has a red setting, perfect for not disrupting your night vision at night, and a flashing red setting too, so it can be used as the rear light for a bicycle.  It charges really fast, using my Samsung phone charger and it weighs just 16g.


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